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Rubber Sheets
We provide a wide range of rubber sheets, with different qualities, different designs, and colors. The color base could be Black, Brown, or Beige, for all types of rubber Sheets. The Painting color however, could be any color requested, either from the variety of colors we are offering or other colors. The Hardness and the Abrasion Resistance of the rubber sheets vary according to customer's demand.

» Neolite Rubber Profile Sheets
We provide different designs of profile sheets to serve both Ladies' and Men's footwear markets.

Ref: Profile V - Design Ref: Profile WW 3 Ref: Profile Raye
Ref: Profile WW 3 for Ladies Ref: Profile T 50
Ref:Profile Cards for Men Ref:Profile Wave for Men Ref:Profile Raye for Men


Available Dimensions: Rubber Profile sheets for Men: 102x112 cm
(3 stripes, i.e. 3 rows of soles)
Rubber Profile sheets for Ladies: 100x116 cm
(4 stripes, i.e. 4 rows of soles)
Available Thicknesses: 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 mm
Available Hardness Degrees: 85A - 95A
Color Compound: Black - Brown - Beige
Painting Color: Please look at our Color Palette.
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