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EVA Sheets
Due to the highest technology used , Baramki Egypt succeeded in supplying a big Range of EVA Sheets that suits all requirements. Various sheets dimensions, thicknesses and hardnesses are available. EVA sheets can be used for shoe soles and for insoles.

» EVA Nautica
This material is a special type of EVA, it is highly elastic and has high memory can be used for soft cushion and insole. Memory and hardness degrees differ depending on customers’ request.

EVA nautica could be supplied either in rolls or in sheets, depending on customer preference.

Available Dimensions: Sheets: 100x150 cm - Rolls: Width 150 cm
Available Thicknesses: 3 mm + 40 mm
Available Hardness Degrees: 15 A + 70A
Available colors: Black – Havan – Yellow (other colors could be custom made upon request)
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