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Road Accessories
» Shock Absorbers
» Rubber Cylindrical Column + Spring
This product is composed of a rubber column with a metal spring at its end; it is used mainly in parking lots and alleys, to protect cars from crashing against pavements or other objects that may damage them, special for golf cars.

Rubber Column Length: 70 cm
Column Diameter: 6.5 cm
Metal Spring: 13 cm
» Rubber Angle Guard
This product is used mainly in garages, to cover the corners of the columns, to protect both the car and the columns in case cars hit the column while parking, in stores, port, airports, ...

Angle Beam Dimension: 12 x 12 cm
Thickness: 15 mm
Length: 100 cm
» Rubber Shock Absorber
We provide rubber shock absorbers for walls & pillars, in garages and warehouses.
1. Board or Strips
Available Dimension: Min. width 10 cm - Any length
Thickness: Min. thickness 2 cm
Available Colors: Black
2. Bumpy Board
Available Dimension: 35 x 55 cm
Available Colors: Black & Yellow
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